Professional experience

Technical Artist at EA DICE (April 2013 - Present)
Currently working as Technical Artist on the sequal to EA Star Wars Battlefront

Character Artist at Starbreeze (Jan 2012 - April 2013)
Worked as Character Artist on Brother a tale of two sons

Freelancing 3D Artist (Nov 2011 - Jan)
Character and Environment position. Worked with modular pieces that were made prefabs and sold through a 3D game content site

3D Artist at Overkill Software (Oct 2010 - Jul 2011)
Worked at the swedish game company Overkill Software on "PAYDAY: The Heist" for PC & PS3

3D & Multimedia Teacher at IT-Gymnasiet (2008-2009)
IT-Gymnasiet is a High School in Sweden focused on computer education.
* Taught Introduction to 3D (Maya)
* Taught Introduction to Video editing and Visual effects (Premiere & After Effects)


Below are the programs I use on a day-to-day basis and am very experienced with:

- Maya
- Zbrush
- Photoshop
- UVlayout
- Topogun
- Xnormal
- Premiere
- Flash


- Swedish
- English
- Persian

Contact Information

Name: Danial Rashidi
Location: Stockholm / Sweden
Telephone: +46 (0)70-4807703
MSN: danne_da_don [a]
SKYPE: danne_da_don
E-mail: danial.rashidi [a]


- Creative Computer Graphics (Futuregames Academy 2009 - 2011)

- 3D Graphics (University of Gävle 2006 - 2009)
*Bachelor's degree in computer science.


* Extensive experience optimizing content for current and past generation consoles.
* Experience developing tools in different scripting/programming languages for the content team (Javascript, python, C#, WPF) as well as for myself to work more effectively
* Able to create high quality art assets for current gen games.
* Used to educate content creators of how their assets affect memory and performance
* Experienced with working in a team, to plan as well as document my work and deliver on time.
* Experienced and able to collaborate with artists and programmers.
* Experience with the SCRUM method for working with projects in a team.
* Experienced with UNITY, UNREAL ENGINE as well as proprietary engines.